Cute Tiger Cub Care

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Cute Tiger Cub Care Cute Tiger Cub Care

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Cute Tiger Cub Care Game


Everyone has long known that the symbol of the coming New Year is the Blue Water Tiger! Blue is the image of impermanence, water is constant motion, and the tiger is one of the most unpredictable and energetic pets. Consequently, those people who are not afraid of big changes, who lead a dynamic lifestyle and adore to be in motion continuously will be on the tiger. In traditional Eastern astrology, the Water Predator is a strong admirer of purposeful and hardworking people. Let’s give a hand to this year’s amulet, the precious tiger cub in CUTE TIGER CUB CARE. He’s a little sick. We need to heal him urgently and get him ready for a functional new year! Prefer touching images and accessories for the stripey to make him happy to his admirers around the clock!


Left mouse button or touch.

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